Series of analog photos shot with Olympus OM and Bronica SQ systems on variety of film stocks.

I have been fascinated with ruins since early childhood. Something about seeing remains of factories and manor houses in process of disappearing in the landscape, their original function and identity lost, made them irresistable to be explored.

This fascination hasn’t lessened, quite the opposite. With age I have come to see these places with even deeper appreciation. There are no shortcuts to building a place with all those layers of meaning. Layers of local history, of societal shifts, of passing time and nature reclaiming everything we build sooner or later.

Maybe it’s partly for these conflicted emotions they evoke, that we as modern people seem to have low tolerance for abandoned places. None of the locations depicted here exist as they were, and most have been conpletely erased to make room something new.

I understand it. Maybe these feel morbid places to some. Skeletons and corpses that at one point were.full of life. But I know they still are. We just need to look.