Virtual Corporeality


In this video piece materials represent the themes of natural lifecycles and mortality. Elements of ice and stone are here as representations of death and stillness, absence of life, an eternity of the cold void of space.

On the other end of the spectrum is the blazing orange setting sun. This color together with the perfect circular shape communicate something deeply familiar. The necessity for our existence, our earliest object of worship, the star we dance around in the void.

As a link between these opposing forces is blood. It is also intimately familiar substance to us. In a constant movement it runs from warmth in to the ice and snow to dissolve back in to the earth. This represents our place in this cycle. We are the blood that runs hot for a moment, the sun will outlast us, and ice will outlast the sun.

And that is not something to despair over. We are here only for a moment, and it is easy to forget. But that moment is real.